ICC threatens to ban substandard pitches


The ICC has threatened to ban substandard pitches in the meeting that was held on Saturday. If the pitches are found to be not suitable for cricket, the venue will be suspended for 2 years. In-turn ICC will deduct 10 merits points or for wet outfield during international matches.

“It was agreed that a system of demerit points be introduced, similar to the new Code of Conduct System as per the table below. Demerit points will remain active for a rolling five year period,” the global body said in a statement.

“When a venue accumulates five demerit points its ICC accreditation will be suspended for a period of 12 months. Should a venue reach 10 points its accreditation will be suspended for 24 months,” ICC added.

In the ICC three day meeting, the changes have been made and monitor the outfield which states that the venues and boards should be more alert for standard of pitches. Whenever rain happens, the groundsmen should be ready to get the match ready in time.

If the venue is not ready for a particular match that is unsafe for players to make the match happen, the venue will face serious penalties.






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