A Tribute to MS Dhoni


MS Dhoni stepped down from captaincy before the ODI squad was announced for the matches against England at home. He’s been the biggest reason for India’s glory days since the inaugural ICC T20 World Cup. “The only captain to win all the ICC trophies ever”, this statement speaks volume. The impact this guy had on the team as a captain is unmatched.

He already showed how good he still is against England in the second ODI, Dhoni and Yuvraj’s epic partnership reminded us about vintage Indian team. Similarly in T20s he scored important runs as well. We’re hopeful that MS Dhoni will contribute to Indian team as a batsman as he did earlier in his career.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate his legacy and impact. He deserves all the accolades and praises he gets. There are many who hate him as well, as they say, “It’s practically impossible to please everyone”. But, show them this video, their heart will surely melt and probably they’ll start respecting the amazing personality he is.

Watch the video here: