ICC Champions Trophy is a great platform to showcase your skills and keep check of your World Cup preparation. Every Cricketing Nation is evolving year after year right from when cricket started.

presentation ceremony

But Pakistan who once had the quality to make opposition frighten them is now struggling to make an impact. Their dressing room is filled with talented but under performing players which are making their team suffer at the international stage.

And this is not the only department Pakistan are probably lagging behind. Their performance in post match presentation ceremonies also getting interesting and funnier. They once had likes of Imran Khan who used to be a fluent English speaker. But now same Pakistan team finds difficult to express themselves at post-match presentation ceremonies.

English Language and Pakistan at Presentation ceremonies!! A complete mismatch!

Definitely, language has nothing to do with cricket. Only your skills matter once you set foot on the ground. For over a decade, Pakistan team is being trolled for their English. This is a clear sign they need to work on this too.

But Pakistan seems that they are not taking those trolls seriously.

Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed was to attend the post-match press conference. To his shock, there were only English reporters.

He was unaware of the fact that cameras were on, he murmured to someone near him “Saare English waale hi hain kya?”

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