When the world of cricket says there is no way to win the game,people always remember a master class who stands behind the stumps and  known for turning things around according to his needs and the one who knows how to change the impossible into possible,yes we are talking about none other than former Indian captain who helped India to win every possible trophy. He has always been phenomenal in the ground. The most important asset in Dhoni is his calmness. He has always been known for his cool and calm way to handle the pressure and finishing game on his own.

He took India to no.1 test team and no. 1 ODI team too. In his first major ICC tournament, T20 World Cup in 2007, he led India to victory which was very less expected and since then as a captain he has always been phenomenal. And then won ICC World Cup 2011 by playing an inning which was awarded man of the match in the finals against Sri Lanka. This is not all then he won the only ICC trophy that he never won ICC champions trophy by beating England in England by taking some nail-biting decisions.

In his entire career, he always thought of his team rather than his personal records. He has seen everything in life, praises and extreme criticism but he never stopped believing and have always run out of those troubles and silenced his critics.

With ICC world cup 2019 is almost on the door, MS Dhoni will be the most experienced and influential player in the Indian team. And in the series against Australia, he showed everyone that he alone can take India to win if needed.

It will always be less talking about the almighty MS Dhoni. It has been 14 years since he started playing for the Indian team. He played his first match on 23 Dec 2004 against Bangladesh and since then he has created a lot of records.

Let’s take a look at the records of MS Dhoni:-


  1. The only captain to win all the ICC trophies

There have been 100 of captains in cricket but no one has managed to win all the

three ICC trophies rather than MS Dhoni.


  1. Most number of stumpings

MS Dhoni has overall done 808 dismissal which includes 621 catches and 187stumings and this is the most number of stumping by any keeper.


  1. Fastest stumping ever

MS Dhoni also holds a record of fastest stumping which took a total of 0.008 sec breaking his own record of 0.009 sec while it takes 0.3 sec for us to blink. He is lightning quick behind the stumps.

Rahul Dravid once said “No need to refer the stumping decision to 3rd umpire if Dhoni is celebrating, the batsman should be on his way”.

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  1. MS Dhoni has played the most number of matches as a captain

MS Dhoni has played a total of 331 matches as a captain.


  1. Took India to number one test team for the first time

India became the number one test team for the very first time in their cricketing history in 2009 under Dhoni’s captaincy.


  1. MS Dhoni holds the record for a longest unbeaten run in Tests right from his debut.

MS Dhoni led India to 11 unbeaten matches in tests right from his debut in test captaincy.


  1. Most number of not outs in international cricket.

MS Dhoni has been not out 79 times in ODI cricket which is the most by any player and he has the most number of not out combining all three formats (T20, ODI, Tests) too


  1. First Indian player to hit 200 sixes in ODI

He is the first Indian player to hit 200 sixes in ODI in 2017. He has hit 204 sixes in captaincy career which is most by any player.


  1. The only and first Indian wicketkeeper to score 4000 test runs

MS Dhoni is the first and only Indian wicketkeeper to score 4000 test runs.


  1. Most successful test captain winning 27 test matches

MS Dhoni is the most successful test captain till now, winning 27 test matches one more than Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli. They both have 26 test win as captain.

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11.Highest score made by wicketkeeper

MS Dhoni made 183 runs in 2005 against Sri Lanka which is the most run securely by a wicketkeeper in an inning in ODI.


  1. Highest batting average amongst the wicketkeeper in ODI

MS Dhoni has a marvelous batting average of 50.96 in ODI which is the best average amongst the wicketkeeper.


13.Most number of runs without scoring a fifty in T20I

MS Dhoni had the most number of runs without scoring a fifty in T20. He scored his first T20 half-century after 66 matches.


  1. The first player to score 1000 ODI runs

MS Dhoni is the first player to score 1000 ODI runs


  1. Most number of catches in T20I

MS Dhoni has held the most number of catches inT20 as a wicketkeeper.

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16.Most number of matches in T20I as a captain and a wicketkeeper

MS Dhoni has played the most number of matches as both keeper and captain.


17.Most number of wins in T20I as a captain

MS Dhoni has led India to win in 41 matches in India which is the most number of wins in T20I as a captain.


18. The only wicketkeeper to play 500+ international matches.

MS Dhoni has played more than 500 matches which is the most number of matches played by any wicketkeeper and no other wicketkeeper have ever reached this milestone. He is only the third Indian player to do so and 9th player to do so overall.


19.The first player to receive ICC player of the year twice

MS Dhoni was declared player of the year twice, first in 2008 and second in 2009.


20. Finished a match with six, most number of time

MS Dhoni holds the unique record of winning the match by sies most number of times. He is also regarded as the best finisher in the world because of his capability of winning the under pressure matches with sixes in last over.

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  1. First to win 150 T20 matches as a captain

MS Dhoni became the first captain to win 150 T20 matches by defeating Sunrisers Hyderabad in the finals of the 11th season of IPL.


22. The most expensive bat in the world.

MS Dhoni bat with which he hit the six in the finals of 2011 to win the world cup was sold in auction for £100,000 ($161,295) bought by R K Global Shares & Securities Ltd (India).


  1. Most run scored in IPL as a captain

MS Dhoni has the most number of runs as a captain in IPL history.


  1. Most no. of toss won in T20I

MS Dhoni also has the record of winning the most number of toss in T20.


  1. First player in T20 to score 5000 runs as a captain

MS Dhoni is the first player to score 5000 T20 runs as captain in T20. he completed this milestone in the IPL 11.

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26.Most number of dismissal by a wicketkeeper in T20I

MS Dhoni has the most number of dismissal in T20I. He has totally dismissed 87 batsman which includes 54 catches and 33 stumpings. He has the most number of catches and stumpings too in T20I as a wicketkeeper.


  1. Whitewash in Australia

MS Dhoni is the only captain to whitewash Australia in Australia in 140 years. He made this record in 2016 in a bilateral T20I series.


  1. Only player to lead a team in six WT20 edition

MS Dhoni led India to six WT20 edition which is most by any player. Paul Collingwood and Darren Sammy are the second rank holder in the list.


29.Fastest player to reach no.1 rank position in ICC ranking.

MS Dhoni is the fastest player to reach no.1 position in ICC ranking. He did it in just 42 innings. It is still a world record.


  1. Most number of centuries at no.7

MS Dhoni is the only man to score 2 centuries batting at no.7.

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He has also received some precious awards so let’s take a small look at that


  • He has received Padma Bhushan Award which is the third highest civilian award in India.
  • He has received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in 2007.
  • He has also received the fourth highest civilian award of India, Padma Shri award.
  • He has been honored with the rank of  Lieutenant Colonel 0n 1st Nov 2011.
  • He has been felicitated with LG people choice award.


No one could have thought that a boy from the small village of Jharkhand will reach such heights and will surprise the whole world with his wonderful display of batting, wicket keeping, and captaincy.

He might have left his captaincy but he is still been contributing with his batting to team India. His contribution to India cannot be calculated. No one has been more committed to India than Dhoni himself and hopefully, his presence can be really fruitful in the World Cup 2019.