Cricketers hold the same stage as Bollywood actors in India. They too are worshipped as God just like actors are worshipped. It makes us think that maybe cricketers are like them in having a cool and calm image on the screen and different off screen. But that’s not the case with our beloved ex-captain MS Dhoni.

MS Dhoni

To prove this let’s go 5 years back. Like any other celeb, Dhoni too has haters. One of those haters took to social media and unleashed his hatred towards him.

MS Dhoni’s calmness

The incident took place on July 17th, 2012, when that hater tweeted proudly on the social media that the “Indian captain may know he has a lot of haters and the hater was one of them.

As well know MS Dhoni is known for his calmness on and off the field. He replied to that hater in the coolest way possible, Dhoni said: “you may not like me but hate is a very strong word to be used anyways it’s your choice so I won’t complain.”

We have seen many a times players going on full fledged twitter war whenever provoked by Twitter users. But Dhoni is not the one to indulge in such useless wars. He believes in 3Cs Cool, Calm and Composure. He dealt this matter with utmost maturity and with the use of 3Cs he offended no one and also spoke his mind. That’s why we call him Captain Cool.

See the old conversation here: