Nowadays sport has taken a huge turnover and delight, thus it has became the backbone of the country. Sport is a necessity and has come across an evolving phase from the changing span of time. Pakistan is a country that can be defined as a correct example of the change and evolution of sports. It is a country which is highly appreciated for its work and contribution in the area of sport. They do every possible thing to promote sports in their country and to appreciate any sport, one must have to telecast the sport so that they can stream it to the maximum number of viewers and can motivate people to get into sports.

Pakistan has done a tremendous job to live stream sports in their country. PTV sports has been their supportive source to live stream different kind of sports in and out of the country.

PTV sports is owned by the state and it is available on both satellite and local cable across the entire Pakistan and many other places on the Earth. PTV sports was officially launched on 14th Jan, 2012. When it was launched, the main objective of it was to reach to every single home of Pakistan and over the years they have been doing it in quite a perfect manner and have even reached in many other places outside Pakistan.

PTV sport was owned state so it was not hard for them to get broadcasting right of many national and international event. It mostly shows the events in which Pakistan is participating but it also show some sporting events in which Pakistan is not participating so that they can keep the viewers interested.

Every company stands with some competition in the market when they start getting popularity. The companies which are already on top tries to stay on top by beating the companies which are a threat to their top spot. In PTV sports case, it is Ten sports and Geo super. These are the top companies in the market of streaming live sports event. But besides their competition, PTV sports have really been successful in reaching to hearts of sports lover.

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PTV Sports live streaming

PTV sports have been streaming many local and international sporting events either it is played on the home of Pakistan or outside Pakistan.


National events

As we have told above that PTV sport is state-owned broadcasting channel its main aim is to entertain the locals by covering every possible national sporting event and encourage them to be a part of it.

The national Sporting event it has been covering since its launch is listed under:-



  • National T20 Cricket Tournament


National T20 cup is a domestic cricket tournament that is played in Pakistan. In the last tournament i.e. 2018/19 was the 15th season where the total of 8 teams took part where top four teams get qualified for the semis. Lahore whites are the current champions.



  • Quaid-e-Azam Cricket Cup


The Quaid-e-Azam is a domestic first-class domestic tournament in Pakistan where different regional cricket association and corporation teams get participated.



  • Gold Cup Hockey Tournament


Gold Cup Hockey Tournament is a domestic hockey tournament where teams like Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Police etc get participated.



  • National Games


National games of Pakistan is a multi-sport event of Pakistan. It is hosted by Pakistan Sports Board, Pakistan Olympic Association and the host province.  



  • Punjab Youth games


Punjab Youth games is a festival held in Punjab, Pakistan. It was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan on 20 Oct 2012. On that day 42,813 students gathered together to sang national anthem which was the then highest number of people singing national anthem together.



  • Polo Cup


PTV sports also live stream the Polo Cup tournament held in Pakistan.



  • National Football League


National Football League is a football league tournament



  • Kabaddi


A professional level kabaddi league is organized every year in Pakistan called Super  Kabaddi League. This league follows a city-based franchise model where International players from Sri Lanka, Iran, Malaysia, and Bangladesh participates in it and more than 100 players become part of it including them.



  • Wrestling


Wrestling has been gaining a lot of attention these days from the youths and even the adults are attracted towards it. Looking at the craze of wrestling PTV sports also started streaming national Wrestling shows.



  • National Snooker Tournament


Snooker has really attracted the sports lover towards it and PTV Sports do not want to miss any single chance to lose its viewer so, they also stream the National Snooker Tournament that held in Pakistan every year to keep its viewers busy in watching them.


International Events

Alongside, national events PTV sports has done a brilliant job by streaming International Events. In the last few years, PTV sports have covered and streamed almost every International sports event and make it possible for its viewer to enjoy the international event like never before.

The international sports event it has been covering since its launch are listed below:-



  • All FIFA tournaments


Football is the most loved and followed sports in the world and if you are running a sporting channel you can not just leave the football out of your streaming list. And Ptv Sports know it pretty well that’s why they have not missed streaming a single Fifa tournament since its launch. Whether it is Fifa World Cup or Euro Cup or Copa America, PTV sports have covered all the FIFA tournaments and streamed it to their viewer.



  • ICC Cricket World Cup


It is said that after Football, Cricket is one of the most followed sporting events worldwide. And fan following of Cricket in Asian countries is very high in comparison to the European countries. In Pakistan itself, almost every people watch cricket. While most of PTV sports viewers are from Pakistan and Asia, they can not do the mistake of not streaming the biggest cricketing event in the world, ICC Cricket World Cup. PTV sports have streamed every ICC Cricket World Cup matches since its launch.



  • ICC T20 Cricket World Cup (till 2018)


ICC T20 Cricket World Cup which is also known as one of the most interesting and exciting games of Cricket. It is one of the shortest formats of Cricket but the craziness in this format is way too high. People have loved the concept of the short form of Cricket and that’s why ICC started ICC T20 World Cup in 2007 and after the launch of PTV sports, it has streamed every ICC T20 World Cup matches till 2012.



  • ICC Champions Trophy


After ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC champions trophy is one of the biggest ICC Tournaments where top 8 team of the world takes part and the final in named the champion. So, it’s always good to stream such high-level tournaments to the viewer and make them happy. PTV sports have done pretty well in Cricketing Area, so they just cannot miss to stream ICC Champions Trophy to the viewer and get slammed by its opponents or rival.



  • Bilateral series of Pakistan and international teams


PTV sports is a state-owned channel and their main focus has always been to entertain the locals more than anybody else and it’s really important for them to stream Pakistan Cricket team matches with other International teams. PTV sports always live stream Pakistan cricket team matches with the other international teams whether it is India, Australia or any other countries.



  • Australia Big Bash League


Cricket league has really been a major change in the Cricket and people are loving it and for many channels, it has been the key thing to attract viewers. Australia Big Bash League is one of the biggest league alongside Indian Premier League. PTV Sports have been successfully streaming Australia Big Bash League.



  • Indian Premier League


Indian Premier League, in short IPL, is the biggest and most cash full Premier League in the world. Since its first season Pakistan’s players have been banned to play Indian Premier League due to some illegal actions, still, PTV sport has been live streaming it to the viewer of Pakistan and other international viewers because of the craze of Cricket.



  • European Premier League


European Premier League are the football leagues that is played in European countries between different clubs. English premier league, La Liga and Serie-A are some examples of it. PTV sports have been live streaming all the European Premier League. And have not disappointed its viewers in the arena of Football.



  • UEFA Europa League


UEFA Europa League(UEA) is a football competition which is organized by UEFA. It is an annual football competition which was first time organized in 1971. Different European clubs get qualified for it according to their performance in their country’s league games and cup competition. It is the second-tier competition which comes below the UEFA Champions League. It was previously called UEFA Cup. PTV sports have also been live telecasting UEFA Europa Cup matches to its viewers.



  • Spanish League


Spanish League is the different football league games played in Spain. La Liga, Copa Del Rey, Super Copa are few of the Spanish league. La Liga is the biggest league competition in Spain which is played annually by worlds biggest clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona. PTV sports also live telecast the Spanish league to keep its viewers interested.



  • International Men And Women Hockey Events


Pakistan has always been a good team in Hockey and has challenged a lot of big hockey playing nations. PTV sports have understood its value and have been broadcasting all the international hockey events of both men and women.



  • Olympics


PTV sports have also been live streaming the Olympic games to its viewers. Olympic is the biggest sporting event of the world which happens every 4 years where thousands of participants get involved from more than 200 nations for any kind of competitions like hockey, swimming, cycling, football, athletics etc. PTV sports have been covering all of that olympics competition.



  • Formula 1 Race


Formula 1 is the highest class ranked single seater auto racing organized or sanctioned by  Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Formula one racing is the biggest racing event since its inaugural in 1950. The name “Formula ” is a set of rules which every racer have to follow. The racing events happen in series known as Grand Prix in which the participants have to race through definite circuits made in different part of worlds and on public roads. The result of each race is evaluated at the end and the winner is declared at last. PTV sports have also been covering the Formula 1 race.



  • Tennis tournaments


PTV sports have been live streaming Tennis tournaments too. Tennis tournament includes Grand slam Tournaments like French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon etc, Teams Cups like Davis Cup, Fed Cup etc and many more. These tennis tournaments have added few viewers in the list of PTV sports.



  • International Kabaddi


We can not just neglect Kabaddi when we talk comes about the sport. Kabaddi is one of the most loved sporting events in Asia and people really love watching Kabaddi. PTV sports do not want to disappoint it’s any sports lover so they are broadcasting every international Kabaddi matches like Kabaddi World Cup.


These are the national and international sporting event that PTV sports live stream to its user. Whether it is a national or international event PTV sports have covered almost every one of them and really have gained a lot of viewers. Watching their such effort, they have got right to broadcast every Pakistan Cricket Team matches for next 5 years.

PTV sports also broadcast pre-match shows where experts give their opinions on different event relevant topics.