Dharamshala : Team India's director of cricket Ravi Shastri talks to Shikhar Dhawan during a practice session in Dharamshala on Thursday ahead of the 4th ODI cricket match against West Indies. PTI Photo by Shirish Shete (PTI10_16_2014_000132B)

India’s newly appointed head coach Ravi Shastri is famous for his enthusiasm and exciting personality. On the mic during commentary, we can always see him speaking on top of his voice. Ravi Shastri is famous for his ever exciting commentary.

Ravi Shastri

India’s ace spinner Ravi Ashwin recalled an incident on the show called What the Duck. He said, once in the team huddle Ravi left everybody flabbergasted by his pep talk. Ashwin also said that it was one of the hilarious team huddle events he is part of.

It was the event in Australia when the team was 2-0 up in the T20 series. Shastri was furious to give a pep talk to the Indian team. Ashwin revealed this on Vikram Sathaye’s show What the Duck which exclusively airs on hotstar. Ashwin also said skipper MS Dhoni doesn’t say a lot in the team huddle.

“Smash them” in Ravi Shastri style

Ashwin revealed that Ravi was waiting to give a pep talk to the team and also they were short on time.

When Ravi Shastri gave the most exciting huddle talk
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Ashwin said, “Arun announced the team and he put it across to MS (Dhoni) and MS was like nothing, let’s play the game.

“And, then Ravi Bhai said, ‘Guys! Go and Smash them!’ We all thought he was going to say something because he was fuming for so long but he said go and smash them, turned around and left. People were still in the huddle, not knowing what had happened. That was the hilarious things that happened.”

When Ravi Shastri gave the most exciting huddle talk
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Now the Shastri is the head coach of the team, we can expect more of this from him. As he is ever energetic and excited before the match, be it commentary or the coaching role. In the past, Shastri has had good relation with this team and will be looking forward to continuing the same.