After the disappointment team India got from the first match where MS Dhoni slow scoring rate was jibed by many Indian fans and remarking Dhoni as the cause of loss ignoring the moment he came to play.

In the second match which was played at Adelaide MS Dhoni was again the limelight but this time he was not jibed for the loss but was praised for his inning which led India home safely. And successfully bring the series on a level term which was very essential from the view of India as the loss at Adelaide would have meant loss of series for India.

It was a good comeback from team India and MS Dhoni after facing defeat at first match. But while the 2nd match was at a very interesting stage. Dhoni made a silly mistake which he didn’t have to pay for as no one noticed that for a while.

It was 45th over when Dhoni was striking Nathan Lyon’s ball pretty well and on the last ball Dhoni pushed the ball too long on for a single as he had already scored enough for the over but Dhoni unwillingly did not touch the crease nor his legs touched it while he was not running but kind of walking to take the single. After that run, he went back to chat with his partner Dinesh Kartik and Umpire also changed their side.  That short run went unnoticed at that time. Later on replay, it clearly showed that he did not complete the run.

Meanwhile, Former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist was commentating on-air shared his thought on that short run after two over when India had to score 25 runs off 18 balls. It was that time he sensed that the match could be going to the last ball and that one short run would create controversies.

Gilchrist said “In Lyon’s last ball of his spell, MS Dhoni chipped him to the onside and straight away said there is no need for any pushing there because I have already hit him for six earlier in the over. Then the over was called and nothing touched the ground there. So this will be interesting with India requiring 25 off 18 and it was in the 45th over, so I wonder if we will hear anything more about that should this go down to the wire.

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Eventually, Dhoni, as supposed, hit the first ball of last over for six and took single next ball to seal the match for India and the match was finished four bowls earlier.

That silly mistake from could have created a lot of controversies if the match would have tighter but luckily for the officials, it was not and all the focus was on MS Dhoni finishing the match.