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The Hitman Rohit Sharma has recently said that his first meeting with Yuvraj Singh was not very good and it took some time for both the players to get along with each other. Rohit Sharma opened up about it in the recent chatshow hosted by Gaurav Kapoor named Breakfast with Champions. Indian vice-captain of the limited overs told that it was tough for him to catch up with the team initially and especially Yuvraj Singh.

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“I used to fear the players. The first time when I was to board the team bus with other players, I reached the lobby one hour earlier. I was waiting for everyone. They came slowly but Yuvraj was looking different from far sight. I was a big fan of Yuvi,” Rohit said in the show Breakfast with Champions.

Mumbai batsman said that he when he congratulated Yuvraj Singh for the Man of the Tournament award, he received a two-word reply ‘thank you’.

Another time on the team bus Rohit was sitting and then Yuvraj Singh comes up and says in an unusual tone, “Did I know whose seat it was? Did I know who sits there?”

Although when Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes in an over, he came to Rohit and both went out later that night for dinner. That’s how they began to get close.

Rohit Sharma: My first impression of Yuvraj Singh wasn't pleasent
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Rohit and Yuvraj are really close friends and Rohit Sharma’s wife Ritika considers Yuvraj Singh Rakhi brother. Both of them are big admirers of each other and keep on displaying their love on social media.

Rohit Sharma has cemented his place in the team across all the formats of the game, thanks to his performances in past couple of years. Whereas Yuvraj Singh has been mostly out of the team for some time now courtesy of form and fitness. However, Yuvraj Singh has cleared the Yo-Yo test recently which is compulsory to be considered for the national team.

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