Suresh Raina was one of the fittest and dynamic player in the Indian cricket team when he joined. He soon became the backbone of Indian middle order. For the long time he expired over the teams the middle warrants. He won many crucial matches for India.However, a slump in his batting form has ruled him out from a contention in the Indian team.

Suresh failed in ‘Yo-Yo’ fitness test along with Yuvraj Singh !

He last played an ODI in 2015 and had struggled to book a spot in the side since then. He has been struggling with his fitness as well. A recent report suggested that he dropped from the team as he had failed to clear the ‘Yo-Yo’ fitness test along with Yuvraj Singh. However, these reports were later on shrugged off. He has been very active on social media recently, posting pictures and video of himself sweating it out to get his fitness back. He has been putting in the hard yards to get back into the Indian teams.

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Now in Mumbai spending time in nets !Suresh

Recently, he was in Mumbai where he spent time with Sachin Tendulkar in the nets. He has always admired Sachin, and the last time he was out of form it was Sachin who helped him get his form back, Raina scored a hundred in his comeback game in England, and he thanked Sachin for his guidance throughout the tough period away from the side. This time too he is hoping for the same. Raina is hopeful that he’ll make a comeback in the Indian team. In a recent interview, he shared his views on the comeback and his activeness on social media.

Some questions to Suresh !

You are very active on social media these days, be it pictures, gym-videos… What’s the reason for the change?

I just want to tell people that I am working hard and I am not the thanda type. I always believed in hard work. 60% is your hard work and 40% is your luck. Look at Yuvraj, he did the same, he worked very hard and came back. Sachin Tendulkar told me very nice thing other day, sab achha hai, you don’t need to prove anyone. You have done so much, you just need enjoy your cricket. I always made with high intensity. I know my chance will come.

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There was a lot of talk about your fitness sometime back. Reports stated that you failed the yo-yo test. That is why you were not picked for the Indian team?

It was all made up by media. If I had failed any test, I would have been told by the board and the trainer. It will be unfair for me to talk about it. For four to five months, I have really worked hard on my fitness. I have lost more than five kilos. My flexibility has improved. You will have to see it on the field, or else you will say I am just talking.