The CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal) has refused to remove photographs of former Pakistan cricketers from its gallery at the Eden Gardens even after the public and political pressure.

This comes as an escape from the amazing emotional and capricious reactions to the Pulwama terror attacks that killed 40 personnel of the Indian Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF).

Around sixty members of the state BJP’s youth wing, screaming anti-Pakistan slogans and flaying Cricket Association of Bengal for “patronizing Pakistani cricketers, demanded that the images of Imran Khan and other former Pakistan fames to be removed and tried to enter the Eden Gardens Club House when they were blocked and arrested by cops.
A picture of the former Pakistan captain, and the country’s current prime minister, Imran Khan holding the 1992 World Cup trophy aloft is noticeably displayed at the BC Roy Club House lobby, alongside photographs of other legendary Pakistani cricketers, such as Wasim Akram, Intikhab Alam and Ramiz Raja.

The association’s step seems to be in direct denial to the views of its president Sourav Ganguly. The former India captain had strongly voiced his disapproval of the terror attack, and called for the severance of ties with Pakistan, not just in cricket but across all sports. However, Sourav Ganguly refused to comment on the association’s stance.

Ganguly told the Times News Network that “I really don’t have anything to say on this. I have already said whatever I have to say and I stick to that.

Pressure is high in all corners in a tense political climate. Several former cricketers and extrusive public figures have convicted the attacks and called for the cricket world to distance itself from Pakistan.

A move by the BCCI has taken that they have already removed all memorabilia related to Pakistan cricket from its headquarters in Mumbai’s Cricket Club of India. Rajasthan Cricket Association and Punjab Cricket Association have since followed the lead. There is also pressure on the ICC from the Indian cricket board to ban Pakistan from participating in the 2019 World Cup that gets underway on May 30 in England.

Continuing anti-Pakistani protests have forced BCCI and several of its associated units to remove pictures of Pakistani Fames at their premises.

Cricket Association of Bengal’s chief, Sourav Ganguly, who after the attack had backed snapping of sporting ties with Pakistan, said “I really do not have anything to say on this. I have already said whatever I have to say and I stick to that”.

Sourav Ganguly backed India skipper Vrat Kohli’s view that indian cricketers would stick to what stick to what the nation wanted and what BCCI decided (on the issue of not playing Pakistan in the forthcoming Word Cup in the UK) on Saturday.

Asked to comment on Sachin tendulkar’s statement that he wouls hate to give 2 points to Pakistan(in case India did not play Pakistan), Ganguly said: “I simply want India to win the world cup”.

Miandad’s recent provocative statement. ”I think he(Ganguly) wants to run for elections or wants to become the chief minister,” Miandad has said. Ganguly, however, laughed it away ”I have no reaction to this comment. I enjoyed watching him bat. He was a fantastic player for Pakistan”.