Mahendra Singh Dhoni brought India many proud moments from his legendary captaincy. His revolution to the Indian cricket since his debut in 2004 than any other of this contemporary. He not only make India proud also changed the whole mind of cricket playing countries.

Dhoni is successful wicketkepeer ever in the history. Dhoni

Indian wicketkeepers were never seen as assets for the team before Dhoni, but after 2004, mind changed. In fact, since Dhoni made his international debut, India never needed any other wicketkeeper. Dhoni made a permanent spot for his keeping in the team. But the selectors worried from now that who will take Dhoni’s sport after his retirement.

Dhoni completed his 100th stumping in ODI.

The standard and the level for the position of wicketkeeper in Indian cricket team is very tight for one. However, India doesn’t have to worry for the moment. Dhoni just completed his 300th ODI in the ongoing series against Sri Lanka completed his 100th stumping in ODI. He gets the success in the fifth ODI on Sunday. With this, he became the first wicket keeper in international cricket to affect 100 ODI stumpings. His 100th stumping was of Akila Dhananjaya of Yuzvendera Chahal.

Twitter flooded with congratulations.  

Dhoni has mastered the art of wicket keeping over the years. His innovative wicket keeping has changed the methods of keepers all over the world. His fan following is immense in India as well as in other nations. Twitter exploded to congratulate the master after his 100th stumping.