Whether it is Test, ODI or T20, cricket fans love to witness those matches in which the sixes pour like rain. From the very beginning, people always loved watching the high-scoring matches and it becomes an extra cheese on bread when those high score targets are chased down. It has been seen that audience love watching sixes more than fall of wickets.

Those balls which are hit over the boundary are called sixes or maximum. In every format of the cricket, (Test, ODI, and T20) sixes plays an important role and it also boosts up batsman confidence once they hit a ball for six.

If we talk about sixes people always associate it with names like Chris Gayle, MS Dhoni, Ab De Villiers, Rohit Sharma, and many such big names. They always try to get the maximum of balls and benefits their team with sixes.

Rohit Sharma, Chris Gayle, and Ab de Villiers are also the players with a maximum number of sixes in an inning. All of them have hit 16 sixes in a single inning which is most in a single inning by any player in the world across all the formats(Test, ODI, and T20).

Rohit Sharma got this achievement on 2nd of November 2013 against Australia when he scored 209 runs which were his second double century. It was a match and series winning inning form him as it was the last match of the seven-match series.

Similarly, Ab De Villiers made this record when he scored 149 runs off 44 balls against West Indies in Johannesburg on 18th of January in 2015.

And Chris Gayle made this record when he made his first ever double century that too in the mighty World Cup of 2015 scoring 215 runs off 147 balls.

And when we talk about the most number of sixes in the entire career of a player then Shahid Afridi is leading the table alongside Chris Gayle.

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Most number of sixes by a player across all the formats(Test, ODI, and T20)

Players Innings Sixes
S Afridi 508 476
Chris Gayle 513 476
BB McCullum 474 398
ST Jayasuriya 651 352
RG Sharma 327 349
MS Dhoni 513 348
Ab De Villiers 484 328


Most sixes by a team in a match

To win any match whether the team is giving a target or chasing a target, teams always want to hit six and give a big target they can or chase down as fast as they can.


Most number of sixes by a team in test match

The test is the purest form of cricket according to experts. In test matches, the strike rate of players usually is very low as players don’t have a limited number of balls to face like ODI and other short formats. So, they don’t like to take risk of getting out by hitting mammoth sixes. Hence, we say very less number of sixes in the test. Still, there are some players who don’t care which format of the game they are playing and like to hit big in even the test match.

In this table, New Zealand’s are sitting on the top with total of 22 sixes which they scored against Pakistan on 26th of November 2014, behind them there is Australia with 17 sixes which they hit against Zimbabwe on 9th October 2003 and then Pakistan with 15 sixes which they hit against New Zealand on 1st May 2002.

Team Sixes(6) Date
New Zealand 22 26 Nov 2014
Australia 17 9 Oct 2003
Pakistan 15 1 May 2002
India 15 2 Dec 2009
South Africa 15 !8 June 2010
New Zealand 14 26 Dec 2014
England 14 2 Jan 2016
Pakistan 13 17 Oct 1996
New Zealand 13 18 Mar 2004
Pakistan 13 20 Nov 2005


Most number of sixes by a player in a test match

Well, this table is also been ruled by a New Zealand player Brendon McCullum with 107 sixes in 176 innings, behind him it is former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist with 100 sixes in 137 innings and then it is Chris Gayle of West Indies with 98 sixes in 182 innings.

Player Inning Sixes
B McCullum 176 107
A Gilchrist 137 100
C Gayle 182 98
J Kallis 280 97
V Sehwag 180 91



Most sixes by a team in an ODI match

One Day International is one of the most interesting formats of the games where each team have 50 overs to score runs to either give target or chased down the target. With limited overs to play, players try to keep there strike rate of 100 or above. And in that course, in every 2nd or 3rd over they like to hit sixes and sometimes the hunger of scoring big runs is so unbearable for a player that they end up scoring a lot of sixes.

In this list of most sixes by a team in an ODI match, New Zealand is leading again with 22 sixes which they hit against West Indies on 1 Jan 2014, behind them it is England who has hit 21 sixes in a, match against Australia which was played on 19th of June 2018 and then it is South Africa who has hit 20 Sixes in a match against India which was played on 25th of October 2015.

Team Sixes(6) Date
New Zealand 22 1 Jan 2014
England 21 19 June 2018
South Africa 20 25 Oct 2015
India 19 2 Nov 2013
Australia 19 2 Nov 2013
West Indies 19 25 Aug 2014
West Indies 19 24 Feb 2015
West Indies 19 6 Mar 2018
South Africa 18 16 Mar 2007
India 18 19 Mar 2007


Most Number of sixes by a player in ODIs

Well leader of this table is one of the most loved cricketers of Pakistan Shahid Afridi with 351 sixes in 369 innings, Chris Gayle is the ruler of the 2nd spot with 275 sixes in 279 innings and 3rd spot is captured by S Jayasuriya with 270 sixes in 433 innings

Player Innings Sixes(6)
S Afridi 369 351
C Gayle 279 275
S Jayasuriya 433 270
MS Dhoni 286 222
RG Sharma 195 215
Ab De Villiers 218 204
BB McCullum 228 200
SR Tendulkar 452 195
SC Ganguly 300 190
EGJ Morgan 199 170


Most Sixes by a team In T20

Twenty20 is one of shortest format of cricket so it is quite clear that one has to make the quick score to make as much run as possible in T20 overs. Hence, the audience gets to witness a lot of sixes in this format from both the teams. Due to the introduction of T20 batsman have been more aggressive even in ODIs and Tests.

In this format, West Indies and India are leading the table with 21 sixes in a match on 27 Aug 2016 and 22 Dec 2017 respectively. And the next spot is for Netherland team who have hit 19 sixes on 21 Mar 2014 against Ireland.

Team Sixes (6) Date
West Indies 21 27 Aug 2016
India 21 22 Dec 2017
Netherlands 19 21 Mar 2014
Australia 18 29 Aug 2013
New Zealand 18 16 Feb 2018
South Africa 17 15 Nov 2009
Afghanistan 17 12 Jul 2015
New Zealand 17 3 Jan 2018
Australia 16 7 May 2010
Afghanistan 16 12 Mar 2017


Most number of sixes by a player in T20

As discussed above it is quite clear that the only intention of the batsman in T20 is to hit boundaries.

In this race of hitting sixes in T20I C Gayle and M Guptill is leading the table with 103 sixes in just 52 innings which is an average of almost 2 sixes per inning and 74 innings respectively. And then RG Sharma is just behind the above two with a difference of only one six, he has hit 102 sixes in 85 innings so far.

Player Innings Sixes
C Gayle 52 103
M Guptill 74 103
RG Sharma 85 102
C Munro 49 92
BB McCullum 70 91
SR Watson 56 83
AJ Finch 50 79
D Warner 70 79
EJG Morgan 75 77
Yuvraj Singh 51 74


This record is temporary as the sixes in cricket will never stop pouring. Maybe in near future, we can see more spectacular records on sixes than the current one. Because day by day new players are emerging who are way more aggressive than the players of the last decades. 360 players like Ab de Villiers who have the ability to hit any ball in any corner of the ground and players like MS Dhoni who is quite famous for his unique helicopter shots and can hit the yorker balls over the fence for six on which blowers usually gets out. Cricketing world is quiet assure of the introduction of more such players in the near future who will be more devastating for the bowlers.