Pakistan is cricket-mad country and majority of locals in Pakistan love to play and watch cricket. Inaugurating tournaments like Pakistan Super League (PSL) is an emotion boosting sporting event for the cricket lovers.

PSL in just more than game for the locals of Pakistan. When the matches of PSL starts locals stop whatever they are doing. They watch PSL with extreme happiness.

And one can see the love the locals have for the Cricket. One of the tea stall “Chai Dhaba” in Lahore has installed a television for the PSL matches on its most eye-catching wall. Before installing the television which was few days before the start of PSL, the wall used to be exaggerated with the cheeky posters but now they have installed a television there and configured it to telecast the PSL matches. One can smell the fragrance of change in the atmosphere of the country due to PSL.

The PSL is already started and it has been the talk of the hour in every corner of Pakistan. Not only the locals but the national media are also showing the news of PSL aside the political stuff. Instead of political stuff, they have been showing which international players are taking part in the PSL this season and about the initialization of the sell of the tickets of the matches which will be held in Pakistan.

Pakistan is really passionate about cricket. And this league have got their separate fan-base for the spectacular things they have done for the cricket passionate country. Many cricketing nations and started such franchise -based leagues in their nations with the main view of giving the youngsters a proper opportunity to enhance their game so, that they can improve and do something better for themselves and their nation. Such franchise-based leagues also help to generate a lot of revenues as many international and national player come to play the matches which attracts a lot of local and international audience to come and witness the matches from the stadium.

Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB)  has stepped along foot ahead this time, they have signed a broadcast deal for the next three years with 358 percent higher rate than the first one and the title sponsor of PSL in now standing three times now than the first one. This has fulfilled their first purpose of creating a lot of revenue. Despite such popularity of PSL, all the franchise have been bearing loss since the inaugural season of PSL to 4th season of it.

Pakistan national team have been really beneficial with the inaugural of PSL and the results are not hidden from anyone else as they have been on the top seat of the ICC ranking in T20I since last January. This show that the Pakistan National team have really been successful in finding the new talent and taking them to the national level to prove their worth. This shows how the purpose of inaugurating Pakistan Super League (PSL) has enhanced the game of cricket in Pakistan. Now that every national team are eyeing on the World Cup and are concentrated towards making the best playing XI to win the title and get crowned as the world’s best. This season of PSL will really be helpful for the Pakistan National Team and the selectors of Pakistan National Team will be watching the whole tournament very closely. Whoever performs well in this season of PSL will be in very much interest to win a spot in the playing XI of the world cup so, there is no doubt in saying that PSL can be a career-defining stage for many youngsters. The tournament is going to be much more interesting as the world cup is on the door.

Besides that above-mentioned purpose, there was one more purpose to start PSL and that was to bring international cricket back to Pakistan. And they got positive results for this purpose too.

After the brutal attack that happened on 9th of March,2009 during a match between Srilanka and Pakistan, Pakistan was not considered to be the place to host an international match. While sending the team to play in any other country, the cricket board’s first want to be sure of the security of their players and they make sure that their player return back home safely without any harm but after that attack no cricket board around the world was trusting on the security level of Pakistan to send their team in Pakistan. It was very important for Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that they gain the trust of all the international cricket boards and ICC (International Cricket Council) to host the matches again. And they used PSL very wisely and their security level was really impressive and they got their reward on a return as Pakistan hosted three different series.

It all started with the successful hosting of final of PSL 2017, they somehow managed to convince ICC on their security arrangements for hosting cricket matches again and after six months of 2017 PSL, ICC send ICC World XI  in Pakistan to play three T20 matches.

After almost a decade, Sri Lanka returned back to Lahore to play a single T20 match, who were the victims of that 2009 attack.

To convince the cricket world that Pakistan is a safe venue to host international cricket, they had to make sure that their security level remains balanced and tight and they had to widen their number of venues to host international cricket and they did it too by organizing the final of 2018 PSL in Karachi’ National Stadium in hectic 25,000 audience. This brings international cricket back to Pakistan after nine long years as the West Indians arrived at Karachi for three matches T20 series just after one week of the PSL final. Karachi has been the host venue for Emerging Asia cup and after one month it hosted West Indies Women for a three-match T20 series.

PSL have surely helped PCB in bringing back the international matches to Pakistan yet they have to go a long way to convince all other cricket boards across the world. Recently, Australia Cricket Board refused to get hosted by Pakistan for a couple of 5 ODIS after the PSL. But PSL has really been helpful for them and they are looking forward to it.

This PSL season which is its fourth season, big names are participating which will be an extra-aid to Pakistan in bringing international cricket back to Pakistan. Players like Ab De Villiers are taking part in it. His presence means a lot any cricket board. Pakistan fans are really excited about the participation of Ab De Villiers and especially the Lahoris as it has been confirmed that he will be available in the two of the three matches that will be played in Gaddafi Stadium.

PCB has been working really hard in spreading the live streaming of PSL matches both inside and outside the nation. They gave the broadcast copyright to Sunset + vine for the 2019 PSL and Blitz Advertising and Techfront have bought the rights from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of HBL Pakistan Super League as its broadcast and live-streaming partner from 2019 to 2021.